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What Sets our Test Apart: 9 Exclusive Features


Unique Link to Save and Access your Results Anytime

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Prioritized Red Alerts with Filters

prioritized red alerts


Unique Link to Save and Access your Results Anytime

Graphical Representation


Device-Specific, In-Depth Reports

Device reports


Device-Specific, In-Depth Reports

Personalized Recommendations


Personalized Recommendations

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Page Weight & Requests Filtered by File Types

Page Weight


Covers both Loading Experience & Origin Experience

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On-Demand Expert Consultation [Free]

Expert Consultation

We Test. They Trust.

You need Actionable Insights, not just Test Results.

Our website speed test is a comprehensive tool that provides real-time results based on 50+ performance metrics. Powered by both AI and human expertise, you get action-ready results from this tool. You also get personalized recommendations, advanced reports, and insights to improve your website’s speed and performance.

Accurate Assessment

Most Accurate Assessment

Two things that make our test results stand out are their accuracy and relevance. We ensure that you get the most accurate results with actionable recommendations. Our website speed test uses the latest technology and algorithms to ensure accuracy. This means our website speed test gives you a true representation and assessment of your website’s performance.

Real-Time Results

Live & Real-Time Results

Our detailed report summary lets you understand your website’s performance and user experience in real-time parameters. This means our website speed test allows you to see how your website is performing at any given moment. Staying in the know enables you to quickly identify any issues on the website and take necessary action to fix your website’s speed and performance.

Performance Factors

50+ Performance Factors

Your test results load within a few seconds and cover all the factors crucial for your website’s performance and experience. Our website speed test takes into account different metrics like page load time, file size, core web vitals, and code quality. Using as many parameters as possible makes our results comprehensive and helps to provide a detailed and holistic analysis of your website.

AI Human Expertise

AI + Human Expertise

Unlike other automated audit reports, we combine the power of human intelligence and programmed expertise to deliver the most spot-on recommendations. Our website speed test is a human-powered, AI-enabled tool that processes large amounts of data quickly, analyzes the results, and provides actionable recommendations for improvement. This combination of AI and human expertise makes our results foolproof and reliable.

Personalized Recommendations

Personalized Recommendations

There is never a one-fits-all solution, especially regarding website speed and performance. That’s why we provide hyper-personalized results and recommendations tailored to your website’s unique needs and industry. Based on the website speed test results and our personalized advice, you can improve your user experience and achieve better search engine rankings quickly.

On-Demand Advanced Reports

On-Demand Advanced Reports

We provide advanced reports with detailed information, in-depth metrics, and expert consultation on demand. This includes insights to improve your website’s ROI outcomes, and speed and performance. Our on-demand expert consultation helps you learn how to draw actionable insights from the test results, decide your next best steps, and proceed confidently.

Why Speed Optimization Matters More For Ecommerce Websites

In the world of increasing digital distractions, shoppers don’t have the time to wait until the website loads. Building a fast-loading website is the first step to succeed in the eCommerce space. Your website should load faster before the visitors change their minds.

website speed

Checkouts increase by 79% if the eCommerce website loads within 2.5 seconds

loading time delay

A 0.1-second delay in loading time can hurt 7% of your conversions

speed expectation

87% of shoppers expect the site to load within 3 seconds

abandonment rate

A load time of 6s or more results in a 110% more cart abandonment rate


$18 billion annual eCommerce loss due to slow-loading pages

You Deserve More than a Simple Speed Test. Here’s our Website Assessment Report:

Our website speed test evaluates your website’s effectiveness and overall experience you provide to your end users. Here are the two integral parts of our results and recommendations:

Speed Optimization

Speed Optimization

Speed is the first touchpoint in a customer’s journey on your website. Optimizing your website’s speed in under 3 seconds gives you a competitive edge and helps to boost customer engagement further across the website. Our website speed test empowers you with precise recommendations to optimize your site for better speed.

Here are the various aspects covered in our website speed test related to speed optimization:

  • Overall Website Speed
  • Website Speed on Desktop & Mobile Devices
  • Recommendation on Images & Fonts Lighthouse Data
  • Page Weight & Page Requests
  • Javascript, CSS, Servers, Requests, etc.
  • Speed Index

Core Web Vitals Optimization

A fast-loading website needs to perform well in all aspects. Our performance test assesses your website for the critical factors considered as the core web vitals by Google and other search engines. Google’s core web vitals directly impact your SEO rankings and traffic.

Here are the different aspects related to performance optimization:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  • First Input Delay (FID)
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
  • Lab Data Metrics
  • First Contentful Paint
  • Time to Interactive
  • Total Blocking Time
Core Web Vitals Optimization

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of tools available for testing your site speed. Some popular options are Google’s PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, and Pingdom Tools. eStoreaudit proprietary speed test tool combines the best of these tools and provides comprehensive results based on 50+ factors related to speed, performance, and user experience.

There are numerous speed tests available on the internet. Each test measures different aspects of your website and considers different parameters. However, if you want accurate results specific to your website, you must look for a tool that provides personalized insights. Website speed test from eStoreaudit is known for its hyper-personalized insights on website speed and performance. Tens of thousands of websites have benefited from these test results.

Tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, WebPageTest, and Pingdom allow you to check your website speed for free. If you want more insights on improving your website’s overall experience along with speed and performance, the homegrown website assessment tool from eStoreaudit has you covered. It is absolutely free.

Identify the best speed test tool that suits your needs and covers the factors you are looking for. Simply enter your website’s URL into the tool, and it will provide you with a report on your website’s speed.

Several factors determine the time taken to load a web page. A well-optimized web page should load in under 2 seconds. At eStoreaudit, we maintain an average loading time of 1.5 seconds for our clients.

Boosting your website involves several processes. Here are some of the essential steps:

  • Compress the images
  • Minify codes
  • Optimize database queries
  • Reduce the number of HTTP requests
  • Implement caching
  • Optimize your website’s layout and design

This is just a high-level overview, and there are more subsequent steps. The speed optimization process could often be overwhelming. You may get in touch with one of our experts to discuss how to boost your website speed and performance.

A website’s average speed varies depending on its content type. However, the average load time for a website is around 7 seconds on desktop and 15 seconds on mobile devices. This also means that optimizing your website speed within 3 seconds will give you a competitive advantage.

Website speed is critical in SEO because it determines the user experience and directly impacts the ability of search engines to crawl and index the site. Websites that load fast are more likely to be ranked higher and more quickly on search engine results pages.

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Our agency has been in business for 13+ years and, during this time, we have worked with thousands of website owners. One of the most common challenges we have seen is slow page loading speeds and its negative impact on visitor engagement.

In light of this, I decided to invest in building a Website Speed Test tool. Our goal is to empower website owners with the knowledge they need to improve the speed of their websites and provide a better user experience for their visitors. This tool is and will always be free.

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