15 Ideas to Double Your E-commerce Conversion Rate

Every business owner wants to double up their returns every day, especially e-commerce websites. This is all possible only when you can convince your customer to make purchases.

This can happen by making your website appealing and allowing them to find the products that they are looking for with ease. Be you an e-commerce store that is starting this business from scratch or a well-established store, you can always find ways to improve conversions.

Improving the conversion rate will directly improve the sales of your business. You do not have to worry about changing the products or directing the traffic to our site.

Many e-commerce ideas are available to improve conversion rates. Following are a few that help you increase the rate of conversions.

Improve the Page Loading Speed

You can know how fast the page loads by taking the test using different tools, especially Google PageSpeed Insights and Thecommerceshop website speed. In case the website is taking a lot of time to load, this can increase the bounce rates. No one has the patience to wait until your page loads.

Increasing the page loading time will improve the conversation rate in no time. You have to figure out the ways to improve the website speed. You can upgrade the hosting plans to improve site speed and thereby traffic.

You can also look for plugins that help you find out the performance of the site using advanced performance monitoring tools. You can compress the images or remove unwanted images to boost site speed.

Optimize the Website for Mobile Devices

There is a rise in e-commerce websites optimized for mobile devices. Around 82% of internet users in the US will use their mobiles to do online shopping. An e-commerce website that is mobile-friendly can have 67% of conversion rates.

However, the websites that are not mobile-friendly will have lower conversion rates and many customers would bounce from this site and land on other websites to buy if it is not easily accessible on mobile phones.

Indeed, mobile shoppers will spend a lot of money compared to other customers who are shopping through other devices. This increases conversion rates as well as average order value.

Make Your Website Design Simple

Keeping the website simple will improve the conversion rates. It is a must to remove unwanted images and videos from the website. You can fill the white space on the site with visuals. You also have to optimize the site structure and make the site easier for visitors to navigate through. If there are a lot of bells and whistles on your e-commerce site, the visitors get distracted easily. When you keep the website as simple as possible, you can focus mainly on products, value propositions and various other elements that would compel customers to buy. When the website is simple, it takes less time for web pages to load.

Improve the Site Content

The content has a huge impact on the conversion rates. Indeed, a copy is a must for the e-commerce website to tell the story of your site to the world. When shopping online, customers do not have the luxury to bargain or ask many questions to salespeople as they do when shopping offline. All they have is the text you have provided on the website that speaks about your brand and product. Ensure to write each word carefully and with a lot of meanin

Use Rich Visuals

Text is not enough to increase sales. You also need to use quality images and videos. The visuals should provide the required information to buyers about the products you are selling. It should give the same experience that they get when they hold the item in hand. It is a must for you to take the picture from different angles and zoom in and zoom out to show the product clearly. You should maintain image quality for which you must hire a photographer.

Improve the Checkout Process

Many customers would bounce back from the checkout process of an e-commerce store since it is lengthy. You need to think about it. They would want to buy the product but change their mind because the purchase process is complicated. Every extra step in your checkout process will increase the bounce rates. It is good to condense the number of steps you have in the checkout process to a few screens or one screen. You have to collect the required information on this screen only.

Focus on Abandoned Carts

The best way you can do this is to simplify the checkout process. When customers abandoned cards, you can send follow-up emails. This can lead to a conversion.

Improve Social Proof

Many customers who are buying a product will first check the reviews of the product. It is good for you to include reviews of the product on your product page without letting customers visit some third-party sites.

Offer Free Shipping

When you offer free shipping on the products customers buy, the conversion rate would be high. Many customers would cancel the order seeing the high shipping rate. You can increase product prices and cover up your shipping costs in this and offer free shipping to customers.

Quick Delivery

However, customers are not happy with just free shipping when you deliver the products they want briskly, they would be happy with it. Seeing the delivery time of the product, many bounce back from the shopping cart.

Offer Personalized Content

The visitor landing on your e-commerce website should not be seeing the same content. The personalized content offers will increase conversion and add-to-cart rates. When you personalize the content based on location, age and gender, you can increase conversions.

Offer Different Payment Modes

Today, the e-commerce store should be able to accept all payment methods. Everyone has a different way to make the payment. Offering all secured payment methods will increase purchases.

Emphasize Your Security Practices

Credit card fraud is the biggest concern for all. This is the reason many go for point-to-sale purchases. You need to boost the confidence of customers by letting them know that all their transactions are safe and secure. You can highlight the security measures or points on the checkout page.

Have a Customer-Friendly Product Return Policy

CMany shoppers will bounce from the shopping card since there is no proper return policy. If the online business is ready to accept the products that are returned by customers, it gives a positive experience and increases conversion rates.

Easy Navigation

Customers should be able to navigate through the e-commerce site with ease and must be able to find out the products on the site briskly. You can improve the search function of your e-commerce site.

The above are the 15 ideas you can embrace to improve the conversion rate of your e-commerce website.