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The Most Comprehensive PPC Audit on The Internet is Here

You’ll get a detailed and thorough analysis of 75+ critical factors that impact your PPC performance. Here’s what our comprehensive PPC audit covers:

Account Structure & Settings

  • Campaign organization
  • Ad group structure
  • Targeting settings
  • Ad extensions
  • Bid strategy
  • Google Analytics setup review

Keyword Analysis

  • Keyword relevance
  • Keyword match types
  • Negative keywords
  • Keyword performance
  • Competitor keywords
  • High-potential keywords

Ad Copy & Creatives

  • Ad copy analysis
  • Ad format effectiveness
  • Ad relevance
  • Ad testing

Ad Budget & Bidding

  • Budget allocation
  • Bid adjustments
  • Cost per click (CPC) analysis
  • Ad policy adherence & Platform compliance

Conversion & Quality Score

  • Conversion setup & tracking accuracy
  • Attribution models
  • Quality Score assessment
  • Ad Rank analysis
  • Landing page relevance & CRO

Ad Scheduling

  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • Audience, Device & Location Targeting 
  • Ad scheduling & Placement
  • Display network settings
  • Remarketing strategy

Discover Why Our PPC Audit Rocks

Are you dissatisfied with your present vendor? Do you feel like you are wasting money on ineffective PPC campaigns? Here’s how we improve your ROI and beat your competitors.

We will identify and eliminate the wasteful keywords, bids, and settings that are draining your budget. We will also suggest the best practices to lower your cost-per-click and increase your quality score.

We will use advanced tools and techniques to spy on your competitors’ strategies, keywords, ads, and landing pages. We will also benchmark your performance against them and recommend the best ways to outsmart them.

We will conduct thorough keyword research and analysis to find the most relevant and profitable keywords for your business. We will also help you organize your keywords into influential ad groups and match types.

We will help you create and maintain a list of negative keywords that will prevent your ads from showing up for irrelevant or low-intent searches. We will also help you avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes that can hurt your negative keyword strategy.

We will review your landing pages and suggest the best ways to improve their design, content, and usability. We will also help you implement the proven conversion rate optimization techniques that will boost your conversions and sales.

We will help you write compelling and persuasive ad copy that will attract and engage your target audience. We will also help you optimize your ad relevance score and improve your click-through rate and quality score.

We will help you choose and implement the most suitable and effective ad extensions for your business. We will also help you optimize your ad extensions to enhance your ad visibility and appeal.

We will help you detect and prevent the malicious clicks that can deplete your budget and skew your data. We will also help you implement the best practices and tools to safeguard your PPC account from click fraud.

We will help you diagnose and fix the issues that are affecting your quality score and hurting your PPC performance. We will also help you monitor and improve your quality score over time.

We will help you set and manage your monthly PPC budget in a smart and efficient way. We will also help you allocate your budget across different campaigns, ad groups, and keywords to maximize your ROI.

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