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  • 3sec loading time

  • 90+ PageSpeed score

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Core Web Vitals

Our Guarantees

website speed


Core Web Vitals

loading time delay

3 seconds

loading time

speed expectation

Rank first


abandonment rate


cost savings


90+ Google Pagespeed


Will Core Web Vitals boost mobile speed as well?

Definitely. The web pages are sure to load faster on mobile, desktop, and devices of all sizes when optimized for Google Core Web Vitals.

With over a decade of expertise in the eCommerce space, we have helped many major sites with 1000+ daily visitors power their core web vitals. Be assured that your site is in safe hands.

We will create a preview mode as initial work is done in the background. We will make the optimization smooth and seamless without interrupting your business.

No. Design elements will not be disturbed for speed optimization. However, if any changes are necessary they shall be communicated to you to decide.

Normally, scores vary from 1-5 based on server response time or third-party resources. However, to get your right score, run page speed test thrice and consider the average.

Why Google Core Web Vitals Matter?

load time

The average retention rate of pages that load within 2 seconds is 91%.

bounce rate

When page load time increases from 1 to 6 seconds, bounce rate spikes by 106%.

mobile rendering

On mobile, fast rendering times bring 327% more revenue than slow.

page load

Pages that load in 2.4 seconds convert 3X more than the ones with 5.7+ seconds.

Impress Google With A Core Web Vitals Ready Website

loading speed

Lightning-fast loading speed


Smooth & seamless interactivity

visual stability

Unparalleled visual stability

Pass Core Web Vitals & Drive Relentless Traffic to your Site the Right Way

  • High ranking on SERP & Robust Technical SEO

  • Exceptional User Experience (UX)

  • Skyrocketing Retention Time & Engagement

  • Rise in Order Placements or Conversion Rat

  • Soaring Lead Generation

  • Negligible Abandonment or Bounce Rates

  • Accelerated Organic Traffic

  • Boosted Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

  • Increase in Revenue and Profit

  • Faster Loading Times

Only 4% websites achieved “good” CWV score. Want to be one in them?

Platforms we Power


Google’s Core Web Vitals are the future. Get future-ready

Still Looaadddiiinnngggg

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) calculates the loading performance of the website. It measures how fast the main piece of content is ready for interaction with a visitor.

Pages that load within two seconds enjoy an average retention rate of 91%.

Ecommerce Owners Find Our SEO Audits Resourceful

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Suchin Gupta,
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Firms that are technically sound and easy to work with are hard to find these days. Luckily, I came across eStoreaudit at the right time. They helped me improve my website’s speed, performance and rank better in the search engine. I’m so impressed with the results and excited about working with them in the future.

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Bill Roberts,
CEO – Vietri

Here’s How We Make Google Love Your Site:

  • Measure your Core Web Vitals

  • Identify areas of improvement

  • Boost the scores

  • Optimize your performance

Here’s how poor web vitals impact the customer experience:


  • Frequent layout shifts

  • Distracting user experience

  • Visual jarring


  • No interaction readiness

  • Extended execution time


  • Long resource load times

  • Slow server response times

The Superpowers & Side Benefits of Optimizing Your Core Web Vitals

BEFORE CWV Optimization

  • Slow loading pages

  • Poor user experience

  • Low sales

  • Average traffic

AFTER CWV Optimization

  • Instantly loading pages in 3 sec or less

  • Stunning experience that customers love

  • Better sales funnel powered by accelerated CX

  • Minimum 50% growth in organic traffic

Constantly Running Into Technical Issues?

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