How Do I Choose a CRO Agency

If your business is in the nascent stage or well-established, hiring the Thecommercehop SEO company is a must. These people will improve the site ranking and conversation rate in no time besides offering a lot of digital marketing benefits.

The conversation rate optimization can be done through researching, testing and optimizing various elements of the website. The potential traffic should not go waste just because you are unable to convert the prospect into a customer.

With the CRO agency working for your website, you can reduce CPAs, and bounce rates and improve lead to sale ratio. If you do not have an in-house CRO team who can prepare the CRO strategy, you can hire an agency who is specialized in conversation optimization.

The CRO agencies will solve all your e-commerce CRO issues in no time. The agency will have the best project managers who can handle the whole CRO process from end to end and show you positive results. The data analysts will find out the conversion gaps by analysing the data of your ecommerce website and developers will optimize the areas where the bounce rates are high to improve customer experience. The designers and copywriters will turn the website appealing and interesting. The quality analysts will make sure that all campaigns are deployed properly.

A few of the tips you need to keep in mind to choose a CRO agency include:

Strong technical knowledge and proven process

When you have chosen the testing tool, it is not so easy to deliver the best results for all. There need advanced technical knowledge and years of experience in optimizing the website. The best CRO agency will have proven techniques in place to offer you with incredible results you expect. You have to work with an agency that has enough experience with your testing stack and can figure out the ideal testing process to show how it delivers the result you expected. Before the agency starts to strategize the brand, the CRO experts should be able to understand your business. They should learn about your business goals, unique selling points, web traffic you are receiving, product inventory, bounce rates, return rates and how capable you are in growing the business.

These all answers will help the CRO agency to help you grab the highest value opportunities through your testing process. Gaining insights into your customer base also helps them learn your marketing efforts and how these marketing strategies are reaping you with positive results.

E-commerce skills and capabilities

The CRO agency knowing how to optimize the website is a must but they also have to understand your business and traffic generation strategy. The reputed CRO agency will use its marketing, testing and technical development knowledge to make drastic changes to the website. To ensure that you have hired the right agency, you need to do extensive research about their breadth of knowledge on the e-commerce industry and various aspects of e-commerce in which they are specialized to deliver results. You can take the references of their previous customers to learn their working style and how good they are at delivering results.

Master of web analytics and heat mapping analysis

The CRO agency should have comprehensive knowledge of visitor research which is essential for preparing CRO strategies to increase conversions. The quantitative research conducted would have different tools. However, the CRO agency should know web analytics and heat mapping tools to find out visitor behaviour trends. The agency should also create visitor segmentation to get knowledge of the trends at a detailed level and learn how each visitor is behaving on the website.

Understand user intent

The CRO agency should be able to identify the intent of users, their needs, concerns, and pain points. There should be a stringent process through which the agency should be able to conduct qualitative research. This is done through stakeholder interviews, surveys, customer interviews and online research. These all help the agency to learn about the psychographic behaviour of visitors. The findings will have a huge impact on the messaging, call-to-action button text and other information presented on the website.

Should be a perfect fit for your business

You need to ask the right set of questions to decide if the agency is the right fit for your business. You need to check their previous clients, project management process, contact hours in a week and how effective they are in communicating with clients about the roadblocks and results. If you think that the agency is a perfect fit for your brand, then the next thing you must do is to see how did they work for similar brands like you in the past and investigate the results. Ensure to hire the agency that has used its knowledge of user-friendly design and testing strategy to deliver the best results

Transparent approach

Having extensive knowledge of the CRO process and a year of experience is good enough to hire the agency. However, you also need to make sure that the testing team with which you are working is transparent and honest about timelines, costs and processes.


These are a few points you must check before you hire the CRO agency. Investing the time in finding the best CRO agency will never go waste, since the right agency will help you attain the conversion goals within the given time span. Ensure that all your goals are clear and are communicated properly. These help the agency to attain those goals with their well-designed campaigns. The tips give you a structured approach to choose the agency that can help you accomplish the goals and let your company to ascend the growth ladder briskly. The agency will optimize the website end-to-end which has a huge impact on conversions.